My Make – Up Story!

Make up! A woman’s favorite and precious treasure.

The absolute must have for your unique look, let alone your wedding.

Surely, a prerequisite before buying this miracle product is color. That is, you must first of all find the color that fits your skin. There is a risk that if you make the wrong choice of color, you will get undesirable results. The best way to find the perfect shade is to apply a small amount to your cheek and not to your hand. You also need to see it in natural light and ask for the opinion of a make up artist, as lighting can sometimes fool us.

The ideal is that it blends seamlessly with your own color and your own skin.

Make sure you make the ideal make up so you don’t end up with an unnatural result.

Choose a very good base for make up that is very important for uniformity. Before applying make-up, you need to moisturize your face with a day cream.

Use a brush, a sponge or even your own hands to apply your make up. The way you apply your make up will also give a similar result. The brush, for sure, gives you a more professional result than your finger or sponge. The sponges – which you can find in various shapes on the market – are now the easiest solution to avoid getting your hands dirty and avoiding any pimples you can cause with the use of your hands.

The right amount is an important prerequisite. The best way is to put in a small amount and add where and when needed. It is best to put in little by little and add accordingly.

For a more natural look and effect you can use sun-colored cream. A very important thing that many women overlook is that the application of make up should end up on the neck, not the chin. If this is not taken into account then there is a high risk that you may have worn a mask that does not fit your neck …

A beauty tip from weddingfairytouch.com to extend your make up is powder. Choose a powder that will not change the color of your make-up and apply it after drying well mainly on the forehead, chin and nose in the well-known T-zone, which is more oily than other parts of the face.