Gregory Morfi

Fashion Designer



What prompted you to get involved with fashion?
My love for fashion and creation, which was inherent in my childhood, was the push to get involved with fashion.

Why a future bride will choose you?
She will choose me because together we will create something unique and unique based on her temperament, character and external characteristics, where she will shine on her most special day!

Talk to us about your new collection
The CELESTIAL collection 2018 is made up of wonderful creations, each with a unique design and style to suit all preferences and to suit each woman individually. The dominant materials of the collection are lace, silk and stunning Swarovski stones that add shine and luxury while the colors of the collection move between white and off white.

What is your advice for future brides?
My advice to all future brides is, after all, that they carefully choose the bridesmaid who will take their bridal clothes, trust him and create a bridal dress, as I said before, with their external features and personality, important! Enjoy the whole process of preparing and at the same time of the wedding day, without stress! Stress is what holds most! Just enjoy it!