All About Anna Dorothea

The young fashion designer and model was born in Limassol. She was very fond of fashion and modeling from an early age. Anna is a distinct personality who, beyond the professionalism that characterizes her in fashion, is above all a person of values ​​that she has acquired through her family.

Since 15 years Anna has dealt with the world of fashion and modeling traveling abroad. He studied at the Milan Instituto Europeo Di Desigh and Central Saint Martils in London. Her love and her passion for fashion design was her motivation to rightly get the title of a promising fashion designer.

Anna has her own brand name “Maison Anna Dorothea” and keeps her own fashion house on the coastal street of Limassol. Her brand name is also available in selected boutiques abroad. Since November 2015 she has been designing bridal glamor with a distinct and tasteful taste, just like her brand name clothes. So even the brides are characterized by taste and refinement. They are addressed to women of particular style who want to stand out ….

The well-known fashion designer often takes part in local and international Fashion Shows. She constantly keeps her eye on the new trends in fashion and always keeps her eye on and stand out. She travels frequently and caters to the fine women who choose her brand name with unsurpassed quality fabrics and lace …

Anna is ready to help each bride choose the wedding dress that suits her and make her shine the happiest day of her life, as she deserves in any candidate bridesmaid …. No need for stress, as Fashion Designer says, because each bride discusses with the designer to achieve the design she desires!

For a perfect bridal look to be discussed …

Maison Anna Dorothea