Christos Artemiou



What prompted you to deal with hairdressing?
I was born in Limassol My love for hairdressing and makeup seemed very early. As there was never a solution of necessity but of essential choice.
My passion and love dates back to a very young age. My love for this place began from my childhood as the pictures I have since my childhood is my mother’s hair salon where I did not miss the opportunity to be in the salon. At the age of 14, along with my school, I began courses at a hairdressing school. At the age of 16 I graduated from my school where I also worked and continued my school. When I finished my school I did not get enough of the knowledge I got and so I continued my education abroad.

I am now in this area for 15 years where I find everyday ways to discover and make new things that give us more inspiration in what I do.

Why will she choose a future bride?
The most important thing about a bride is to be able to communicate with her hairdresser and generally trust her. This has nothing to do with the hairdresser but also with the rest that will contribute to this special day. In general, proper communication between hairdresser and bride and trust is what will give the best result. In general I can say that I never remember not being able to psychologize a bride for what she is asking because after some dialogue you may have with her but also from the style that you are dressed you can psychologically and what she asks.

Talk to us about new trends in bridal hairstyle
Generally speaking about bridal hairstyles and choice has nothing to do with the trend but with what each girl can support. After selecting the wedding dress we select the appropriate bridal hairstyle that will fit in the wedding dress. When choosing bridal haircuts, we must take into account the height, weight, shape of the face, the personal preference of each woman.

What is your advice for future brides?
What future brides should do is make hairstyles that express them and generally support them. This makes them feel beautiful and feel themselves this important day and avoid that they can not fit their everyday life. The same goes for make-up as natural shades will look even brighter and more natural.