Antoniou & Patsalides

Travel and Tours

What is your company profile and what do you specialize in?
Since 1999 our company has been specializing and pioneering the travel of Organized Free Tourism, which for us is the best form of tourism, with great success. We have the knowledge and the willingness to advise you properly:

Where to go, how you go and why you go?
Our personal travels had begun long before our company was founded due to the “romantic” relationship of our director, Michalis Patsalides, with the art of photography. Over the years, this relationship has also spread to me, and I try to continue in a new way the innovative history of our travel company.

How long have you been dealing with the honeymoon?
Our relationship with honeymoon travel started a few years after our company was established. To be honest, always speaking about our own company, I can say that we do not divide travel into classes. All trips are treated in the same way and our goal is to prove unique travel experiences.

Why in your opinion a couple trust you for an unforgettable trip?
First of all, the safety offered by an experienced travel consultant and especially for many years of our own travel. Our personal journeys have gone through various phases where we have tried almost everything, traveling in the four corners of the Earth. So we have come to Organized Free Tourism, a type of trip that gives the traveler the perfect organization and the ultimate freedom of movement to live what he or she dreams (maybe more).

Which are the most in destinations for 2018?
The most popular destinations in recent years (including 2018) are Bali, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Cuba and many US destinations.

What do you suggest and what would you like to be a young couple?
A newlywed couple has the great opportunity to live something unique if their trip is created properly by professionals who are able to provide advice and various travel tips. As a company, we have all the knowledge and experience to create the conditions for an unforgettable journey.